Winter Hall

Winter Hall is a folk horror game about the legacy of the Black Death. Leap into the bodies of the dead and change their past – and uncover your own history in the ruins of Winter Hall

Winter Hall was a grand finalist in the Epic Games/Wellcome Trust Developing Beyond competition, winning the runner-up prize of $50,000 in addition to semi-final and finalist prizes of $60,000 and $15,000.

Winter Hall was funded by the UK Games Fund in Round 3 of the UK Government scheme!


Winter Hall is Gone Home meets Quantum Leap

Starting work as an archaeologist at the abandoned plague village surrounding Winter Hall, you start to uncover the histories of the plague victims. Yet your own history is intimately entangled with that of the Hall and its landscape…

You’ll leap into the bodies of other people throughout history – a herbalist and a priest in 1348, a 16th Century Witch, an amateur detective in 1918 – and your own past self. Each time you leap back you’ll solve puzzles to change the past and unlock new stories and new lives.

Winter Hall is a game of English Folk Horror.  Our isolating landscape is suffused with the symbolism of death and a dark, supernatural past.

Winter Hall’s Pillars


You’ll leap into the bodies of other characters, and live their lives as they meet death. As you play through each leap, you will find items and alter events to solve other intermingled timelines.

English Folk Horror

A beautiful, atmospheric and evocative world, through the lens of folk horror like The Wicker Man, The Stone Tape and the stories of Susan Cooper, Alan Garner and M R James.

Story Detective Work

As you explore the world you will gather fragments – artifacts like notes or objects, which can represent deeper concepts and symbols. You will find fragments hidden in the world, or will be given them by people you meet. Fragments are used to solve puzzles and conduct conversations across all the chapters, to progress through the story and the game.


  • Explore and survive Winter Hall over 600 years of history
  • Take control of many lives and discover their stories
  • Find items, talk to people and alter the world to change the past
  • Return repeatedly to the last hours of each life
  • See the effects of your choices in the Winter Hall of the future
  • Face the husk of Thomas de Warenne, the beast of Winter Hall

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