Transformations – Developing Beyond and us

Transformations: Not just the theme for the Developing Beyond competition but a good summary of what it’s doing for our lives.

The idea for Winter Hall existed in Rob’s head for a decade, meanwhile life events buffeted us and brought us face to face with questions about life, death and mortality. When the dust settled, there was an opportunity and we took it. Lost Forest Games started out with no external funding. As eighteen months stretched to two years and the need to take a salaried job loomed large, we became aware of Developing Beyond and its theme, “Transformations”, which felt like the ideal fit for Winter Hall:

The submissions should draw inspiration from any aspect of this theme exploring the human condition – whether across moments or generations, microscopic or global, historical, geographic or indeed contemporary. Human bodies and populations across the world are constantly changing and with this comes new opportunities, unforeseen journeys and incredible challenges; from the consequences of a global shift towards urban living, to technological innovations revolutionizing lives and even bacteria outwitting the best antibiotics.

New opportunities, unforeseen journeys and incredible challenges – absolutely. Developing Beyond has given us all of those things. Apart from providing the funding to create Winter Hall, the competition gave us our hugely valuable association with experts in disease and in medieval history at the University of Cambridge. The insights of our expert advisers have given Winter Hall an authentic basis from which players will experience the impact and reach of the Black Death; across communities, through time or between life and death.

What next? Winter Hall will be at Minimum Viable Product stage for the conclusion of the Developing Beyond competition in January 2018. We are seeking a publisher to help us bring the game to market towards the end of next year.