The Long Winter

After coming second in the Developing Beyond competition, and benefitting from the UK Games Fund support, we spent months trying to find a publishing partner who could support the completion of Winter Hall.

Completing the project to the standard we achieved in the demo required around £250,000 – which turned out to be both a large amount and a small amount. Publishers generally fell into two camps – those whose maximum spend was substantially below our budget, and those whose minimum was substantially above our budget.

Unfortunately no feasible deal emerged, and the decision was made to hibernate Winter Hall and Lost Forest Games.

It was a rewarding two years. We made some fantastic development partners and friends, many of whom we are still in touch with now. Heartfelt thanks go to everyone who worked on Winter Hall with us:

  • Maf’j Alvarez
  • Mark Angus
  • Lizi Attwood
  • Vincent Barksdale
  • Matt Gibbs
  • Kyle Horwood
  • Sam Ibbitson
  • Olly Lawson
  • Jamie McAndrew
  • Daisy McLachlan
  • Rob McLachlan
  • Aaron Miller
  • Mike Parker
  • Jason Raval
  • Tom Rush
  • Ian Thomas
  • David Walters
  • Neale Williams

Also we are very grateful for the support of the UK Games Fund, Epic Games and the Wellcome Trust.

Winter Hall does still exist, and one day perhaps it’ll see the light of day. Thanks for your interest in our story.