Developing Beyond: Winter Hall wins $50,000

Winter Hall won the $50,000 second prize in the Developing Beyond competition final, held at BAFTA in London on the 15th February!

Epic and Wellcome put on a fantastic event – it was great to see the other teams again, and as before the whole competition took place in a really positive atmosphere.

The judges played through all the final versions of the games; we felt proud of the version of Winter Hall we brought along, and there were no problems – thanks partly to the bug finding skills of the judges who played the game at Epic in Guildford at the end of January.

Mike Gamble of Epic and Chris Bratt of Eurogamer playing Winter Hall with some of the Lost Forest team behind

It’s a shame not to win the top prize, but Seed is a deserving project, well done to Ollie and Ollie at All Seeing Eye! Thanks to all the judges, and to Epic and Wellcome for funding development of our prototype – an incredible asset which we can now take to publishers.

The $50,000 prize for second place will secure development for the next few months – along with another award which we’ll tell you about in another post…