About Lost Forest Games

Lost Forest Games is an indie game microstudio; Developing Beyond runner up; and the creator of Winter Hall.

Our horror is an English horror – based on the landscape, history and culture of England. It’s based on the fear of death, isolation, and dark acts from history. Think of the Folk Horror of The Wicker Man, Penda’s Fen or The Stone Tape – and the ghost stories of M. R. James.

Rob McLachlan was Lead Level Designer on Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories at Climax and worked on pre-production of Alien: Isolation at Creative Assembly and the Legacy of Kain reboot, Dead Sun. Over the last 15 years he has worked on 11 major projects for three generations of console and PC. You can find out more about Rob’s career and experience on his personal page and via LinkedIn. Rob and our team of amazing contractors are making Winter Hall.

Daisy McLachlan spent 12 happy years as an auditor before making the switch to indie game development. She now deals with all things Lost Forest, including business management, finance, publicity and Rob.

Our Partners

  • Meteor Pixel are a major partner for art and programming services
  • Talespinners are helping us create the story and narrative design
  • Furious Bee created the foundations of our interactive narrative systems and are also creating parts of our environments.
  • Aaron Miller is creating the soundtrack and all of the VFX
  • Gladestock are creating the audio